First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 2

The further they digged the further the money was off. But, she said, she was heir to the money*, and therefore it was God’s will that he should not enjoy it. And then she bid Pywall   Dig further and fear not, for she was with child, and “I hope in God nothing will hurt us.” But Pywall was fearful,… (Search hits: 2)

First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 3

…doubted that the speech which we have made before your husband hath hurt us. And the next night after there appeared unto this examinate two of them, viz. one man and one woman. And one of them viz. the man asked this examinate When was young Anne Bennett here? and she answered that She was here yesterday. And then he… (Search hits: 1)

First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 4

…she could not rise. And then he willed her In the name of God, to rise, and then she rose and went home, and the man vanished away. And so this examinate went home sick to bed and sent for Mistress Taylor and told her all the discourse. And she asked her whether she did see nothing else, and she… (Search hits: 1)

Examination of Roger Swapper / sheet 1

…sayeth as followeth: To the first interrogatory he sayeth that, in Lent last past, the time certain he remembreth not, this examinate and his wife being then both sick abed togethers, there came unto his house, Mistress Taylor and her mother, widow Bennett. And then he this examinate did hear his wife tell unto them, how that Two spirits in… (Search hits: 2)

Examination of Roger Swapper / sheet 2

…he would dig no further till Master Taylor came. And when Master Taylor came they could hear the sound no more, nor knew not what became thereof. 2 To the second he can say nothing. 3 To the third he sayeth that Mistress Taylor and his wife have divers and sundry times had conference togethers sithence the midst of Lent,… (Search hits: 1)

First interrogatory for Anne Taylor / sheet 3

…sort did you tell her that you were troubled with them? And did not your mother setting by the fire with your ch[i]ld bein — sick know thereof? 10 Item did not the said Susan the day following also tell you that she slept that night also quiet, and that she was in good hope they had clean forsaken her,… (Search hits: 2)

First examination of Anne Taylor / sheet 2

…did you she hear any sound of anything but as a stroke upon a stone. And that this examinate did then tell her she would make her self a fool, as one Pywall did. 7 To the 7th she sayeth that after the digging of the said Susan in the garden, in regard that the said Susan was very sick,… (Search hits: 1)

First examination of Anne Taylor / sheet 3

To the 16th, 17th, 18th she cannot depose say nothing. 19 To the 19th she sayeth that in regard that the said Susan had before told this examinate that the spirits did tell the said Susan that her husband was a lewd and wicked liver, and that she and her husband ?had been were then both sick together in their… (Search hits: 1)

Letter from George Taylor / sheet 2

had never ?done ?so. For she would make her know, before she had done with her, that she had [highly] offended her God. These four spirits appeared to Swaffer’s wife in first in Lent or thereabouts, as she telleth, as I remember, in a great shake of sickness, which she and her husband and her child had, and so have… (Search hits: 1)

Letter from George Taylor / sheet 3

…good. I asked her What the cause of these spirits appearing unto her was, and to what intent they came? She told me She could not tell, for there was no manner of hurt with them, but continual prayer. Hurt, to her knowledge, they never did. A—e —— Upon her first examination before Master Braceg——– [u]pon her second first examination… (Search hits: 2)