First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 1

…and then she teld her what the woman had said unto her. And in the afternoon, after dinner, Mistress Taylor did pull open two pales of her garden and sent for this examinate, and so they went both together in to the garden, and this examinate did dig in the garden with Mistress Taylor. [end of sheet 1] [RYE 13/1]… (Search hits: 1)

First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 4

…that she had seen 80 or 100 of them, and they were all fairies. And she sayeth that one spirit in the likeness of a woman great with child did appear unto her in her house in the day time, and did wish that she had some apples, whereupon this examinate went to Mistress [end of sheet 4] [RYE 13/1]… (Search hits: 1)

First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 5

it in pieces and did lay it in the window. But what after became of it, she knoweth not. And she sayeth that she hath divers times given them water, and once bread. And that the spirits did consume the water, and that when they left any water, the same was blackish, and the tub became speckled with white. And… (Search hits: 7)

Interrogatory for Roger Swapper

Articles to be ministered unto Roger Swapper upon the examination of his wife 1 Imprimis. What conference have you heard at any time between Mistress Taylor and your wife, for or concerning the the apparition of spirits, familiars or fairies? Declare the truth herein. 2 Item. What flesh, bread, Apples, water or other things whatsoever have you known, or have… (Search hits: 3)

Examination of Roger Swapper / sheet 2

…and that this examinate hath greatly blamed his wife for the same, for that when this examinate was at home, then his wife would commonly be at Mistress Taylor’s. And when he was from home, then commonly Mistress Taylor would be at this examinate’s house with his wife, but he heard not their conference. 4 To the fourth he sayeth… (Search hits: 1)

First interrogatory for Anne Taylor / sheet 5

…young Anne Bennett and demand of you a raw piece of powder beef, and did not you give her a piece of beef to deliver unto him, yea or no? And have have you not divers times given unto the said Susan water and once bread for the said spirits? Declare the truth herein. [end of sheet 5] [RYE 13/4]… (Search hits: 6)

First examination of Anne Taylor / sheet 3

…that she never saw nor teld her any such things as is mentioned in that interrogatory. 22 To the 22th she sayeth that the said Susan did tell this examinate that a fairy woman great with child did appear unto her, and that she did long for apples and a piece of sugar. And she this examinate doth say that… (Search hits: 6)

Letter from George Taylor / sheet 2

…he vanished away presently. After whose departure from her, the molehill she sat upon began to dance her up and down. And all the ground round about her began to shake, as she said, as though it would have taken her in. And at her sitting in a marvellous great fear, and in a very great sweat, as she sat,… (Search hits: 5)

Second examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 3

But afterwards at other times she hath seen divers shapes, sometimes of two gentlewomen and some other time of a man drinking with a np napkin before him. And she further sayeth, that Master Taylor and Mistress Taylor, both of them, after the death of his daughter, w willed this examinate to Inquire of the spirits whether that their daughter… (Search hits: 5)

Third examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 1

…send —– [p]lanet water, and then the said Mistress Taylor did go to her ——?be out a bottle and did put ?pour out some of the same water ——le glass bottle about the quantity of three or four spoonfuls, which was a whitish water, and gave it to this examinate to carry it unto him. And when this examinate came… (Search hits: 6)