Letter from George Taylor / sheet 3

…the said book? because, said I, [I] have heard that thou canst read. And she told me Yes. There was contained in the book the commandments of God, and the commandments of the Devil. I asked her How she thought these spirits could be good which had anything to do with the devil’s commandments? She answered She hoped they were… (Search hits: 2)

Third examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 2

And after Master Mayor’s death, the said Mistress Taylor did further say to this examinate, said that It were no matter if the devil did fetch away his body for, or to be, an example for others, for she doubted that the devil had his soul already, for that he was an evil liver. For, she said, he had misused… (Search hits: 2)

Examinations of Elizabeth Michenor and Anne Moore

…remembreth not, she did see Roger Swapper coming from work to knock at his door a good space before he could get in. And said to this examinate that they came to the door and from the door, and he thought the devil was within with them, that they had no power to open the door. And he said that… (Search hits: 1)

Interrogatory for Anne Bennett, widow / sheet 3

…reproaches, terming you by the name of ‘whoresbird devil’, and ‘dog’, or words to that effect? 8 Item. Whether do you think or believe that Master Taylor’s children, or any of them that died, were bewitched, yea or nay? If yea, then whom do you think did bewitch them? 9 Item did not Susan Swapper at any time (you being… (Search hits: 1)