Index of documents relating to the trial of Susan Swapper and Anne Taylor for Witchcraft

Index of Documents
relating to the trial of Susan Swapper and Anne Taylor for Witchcraft

Document Title Date Doc. Ref.
Manuscripts in East Sussex Record Office
First examination of Susan Swapper 26 Sept 1
Interrogatories for Roger Swapper and George Taylor [Oct] 2
Examination of Roger Swapper, sawyer [pinned to 13/2] 15 Oct 3
Interrogatories for Anne Taylor [and others] concerning Susan Swapper [1607] 4
Examination of Anne Taylor wife of George, gentleman 16 Oct 5
Letter from George Taylor to the mayor and
jurats [aldermen], which is pinned to the
1607 6
Examination of George Taylor, gentleman 16 Oct 6
Second examination of Susan Swapper 20 Nov 7
Examination of Elizabeth King wife of Nicholas, lighterman 20 Nov 14
Examination of Philip Williams, tailor 20 Nov 15
Third examination of Susan Swapper 3 Dec 8
Examinations of Elizabeth Michenor wife of Nicholas, labourer and Anne Moore wife of John, labourer 6 Dec 9
Examinations of Margery Harry wife of Thomas and Joan Harry wife of Anthony, both butchers 30 Jul 10
Interrogatory for Anne Taylor's second examination [1608] 11
Second examination of Anne Taylor 3 Aug 12
Examination of Thomas Tompkins of Sandwich in Kent, grocer 14 Nov 13
Examination of Richard Thornberry labourer 30 Nov 16
Examination of John Scragg [with memorandum] 30 Nov ?1608 17
Examination of Mary Carpenter wife of William, yeoman 3 Dec 18
Examination of Fynisse Swan wife of Robert sailmaker 3 Dec 19
Letter from Clement Whitfield to the mayor of Rye 3 Dec ?1608 ESRO RYE 47/74/11
Note of evidence of Alexander Fowkes (probably recorded before the trial on 5 December) [1608] 22
Interrogatory for Anne Bennett widow [1608] 20
Examination of Anne Bennett 12 Dec 21
Interrogatory for Elizabeth Bishop widow [1609] 23
Deposition of Elizabeth Bishop 6 Feb 24
Depositions of Martha Higgons widow and Margery Convers wife of Robert, recorder of Rye 8 Jun 25
List of Witnesses and Examinees [1609] 26
Lists of Evidence [1609] 27

Manuscript in British Library
The confession of certain persons concerning the spirits appearing at Rye no date BL Harley MS 358 no.47 f.188

Original manuscript © British Library Board Harley MS 358 no.47 f.188