Examination of Roger Swapper / sheet 1

The examination of Roger Swapper of Rye in the county of Sussex, sawyer, taken before Thomas Higgons Mayor of the town of Rye aforesaid and the Jurats of the same town the 15th day of October Anno domini 1607, annoque Regni domini nostri Jacobi Regis nunc Anglie Quinto.

Roger Swapper of Rye, sawyer, being examined upon certain articles or interrogatories, sayeth as followeth:

To the first interrogatory he sayeth that, in Lent last past, the time certain he remembreth not, this examinate and his wife being then both sick abed togethers, there came unto his house, Mistress Taylor and her mother, widow Bennett. And then he this examinate did hear his wife tell unto them, how that

Two spirits in the likeness of two women did appear unto her that night, and that they said they would carry her away and lay her under an appletree in Mistress Taylor’s garden. And that she did call me to hold and keep her.

Then Mistress Taylor did answer her again, that

She should fear nothing, for they would not hea hurt her. And that if they required her again to go with her them, she should go.

And this examinate’s wife did further tell Mistress Taylor that

The spirits did certify her that there was money hid under the appletree near unto the summer

[end of sheet 1]

  [RYE 13/3]