Interrogatory for George Taylor

Articles to be enquired of Master Taylor etc.

1 Imprimis. What apparitions or sights extraordinary or, as you think, above the course of nature, have you at any time seen in the glass windows of Master Fowkes, and for what end or intent have you heard they were sent unto you, and by whom did you hear the same?

2 Item. What conference have you heard at any time between the wife of Roger Swapper and your wife or your mother-in-law, Anne Bennett, touching or concerning the spirits or fairies which appeared and conferred with the said Swapper’s wife?

3 Item. Did yo[u] know or have heard that your wife at any hath been troubled or hath had conference with a spirit or spirits or familiar[s] before she was acquainted with Swapp[er]’s wife, or before her coming to t[he] town, and to what intent and pu[rpose] they did so appear unto her? [A]nd whether she hath not at any tim[e] teld you that it was for money or to --- ?tane hide?

4 Item. Wh[ether]---- you or she your wife to your knowl[edge] have at any time hired or per[sua]ded one Pywall, Philip Williams --- [or a]ny other person or persons whatsoev[er] -- [to] dig in your garden or any other pla[ce] --- for money or treasure --- [a]ny other thing which hath been revealed? ?or ?persuaded by any spirit or fairy or such like, or by your or your wife’s own motion, or for what reason, did you so dig? And what effects did follow of fear or death or finding of treasure? Declare the truth herein.

5 Item. What other matter or thing do you know or have heard of the said Susan Swapper or your wife’s or mother’s communication, familiarity or dealing with spirit? Declare the truth herein.

[RYE 13/2 George Taylor]