Interrogatory for Roger Swapper

Articles to be ministered unto Roger Swapper upon the examination of his wife

1 Imprimis. What conference have you heard at any time between Mistress Taylor and your wife, for or concerning the the apparition of spirits, familiars or fairies? Declare the truth herein.

2 Item. What flesh, bread, Apples, water or other things whatsoever have you known, or have heard, hath been sent at any time to your wife by Mistress Taylor unto the spirits or familiars aforesaid? Declare the truth therein.

3 Item. Hath not the said Ann Mistress Taylor and your wife ?since as the midst of ?lien ?dary 1 last past  had ?dary daily  conference your knowledge, and have they not been very unwilling that you should hear the same? Yea or no.

4 Item. Hath not the said Mistress Taylor given you money at any time to lie out of your own house for a certain time? Yea or no. If yea, for how lon[g] time, and to what intent?

5 Item. Have --- not sithence the middle of Lent las[t] past, been troubled with noise and l----ng in your chamber or in the lo--- about your house? And what --- you suppose the same to be? And h--- not your wife at any time awa[ked] you out of your sleep and willed you to --- or hold her, for one would take her away? --- what other troubles have you h--- or seen, or that your wife hath --- you acquainted with? Declare the --- herein.

[RYE 13/2 Roger Swapper]