Deposition of Margery Convers / sheet 3

and did look in her mouth and made her gape, and looked upon her brows and in her nostrils, and said unto her

“Thou a sore throat! Thou hast a heat in thy stomach.”

Whereupon the maid went to the cradle to see Mistress Taylor’s child which was sick, and asked her how her child did, and Mistress Taylor was very angry with her, and swore

“God’s Soul! Dost thou take the upper hand of my child? I would thou shouldst well know, my child is better born than thou art, and comes of honourable parentage!”

And thereupon she gave her a great blow o[n] the [shoulder, and told her]

“Go thy ways, now. Thy throat is cured, I warrant thee!”

And this deponent saieth that her maid in her death bed did confess that she had been with Mistress Taylor for her throat. And that she was never well after she came from thence, but presently when she came home fell sick in an extraordinary sickness, and so pined away a fortnight before she died. And this deponent doth verily believe that her said maid, named Philip Bennawell, was bewitched to death.

Also this deponent sayeth that Mistress Taylor said u[nto her] … amongst other her speeches T… T… n… great … ?deal .. ?of ?coo … divers and sundry times for them. And that they d… spend her daily a great deal of water.







[RYE 13/25]