Deposition of Margery Convers / sheet 2

you did not give her the length of him in a sheet!”

“Why”, said Mistress Taylor again, “she asked of me for the length of myself in a hairlace!” Then said this deponent

“Truly, Mistress Taylor, if you will be ruled by me, you shall give her nothing.” Then said she Mistress Taylor again,

“She hath come to me for beef out of my pot, and divers other things; and she came the other day for apples for one of them that was with child.” And I asked her whether she gave her any, and she said,

“I’ faith, that I did, and a piece of sugar too!”

And then this deponent asked Mistress Taylor what they were that she sent the apples to. And she said she knew not what they were. Then this deponent asked Mistress Taylor whether they could speak, and she said that Susan Swapper sayeth that they can speak, and that they cry “Yangh Yangh”.

Then this deponent said unto Mistress Taylor again that

“It is reported about the town, that before that day that my neighbour Burditt was slain, that they did send to you for powder and brimstone”. Whereuppon Mistress Taylor called unto her mother which sat by her in the h[earth]

“Mother, Mother, Hark! Mistress Convers s[ayeth] … ?beast  in the co.. ..h…s  that the Lord did show his mercy upon my neighbour Burditt, that they sent unto us for gunpowder and brimstone!” Then said the old woman

Tush, they had that long before.” Then Mistress Taylor said

“I would to God some [?weld] learned man had the examination of these things, and then the truth would be found out.”

 And then, presently, upon the end of these speeches, there came a great stroke of thunder, and great rain and lightning, and so as soon as possibly this deponent could depart, she went home.

And this deponent further deposeth, that the day before that Susan Swapper was tried at the Sessions, Susan Swapper did send for this deponent to come speak with her, for that she had matter to tell her that greatly concerned her. Whereuppon this deponent did take a neighbour with her, and went unto the courthouse unto the said Susan Swapper. And when she came there, Susan Swapper did tell this deponent, before her neighbour, that

You, Mistress Convers, had a maid came unto Mistress Taylor for cure for her throat, and that Mistress Taylor took a candle

[end of sheet 2]

[RYE 13/25]