Table of Subject Categories

Each subject category below can be searched for from the drop-down list in the sidebar. Note that some search terms will retrieve some irrelevant items (e.g. rye will retrieve both the town and the grain crop of the same name).

The words included in each category are listed after its name below. Groups of them can be copied and pasted into the search box as search terms - e.g. if asleep sleep slept are entered in the search box separated by spaces, then any instance of any of the words will be included in the search results. Phrases enclosed in double quotes - such as "mortal creature" - can be searched for, but only one phrase at a time.

Animal: dog turkey weasels

Behaviour: abegging brawling gape jest kill kneel laugh laughter scolding  squeaked squealed stamp stomp wag weeping

Bodily state: abed ancient asleep awake benumbed buried corpse dead death die dying mortal decease drowned feeling felt pined slain sleep slept sweat wake weak [mortal = "mortal creature"]

Body parts: arm beard body bones bosom brows ear face flesh  foot hair hand heart head knees legs limbs members mouth nails neck nostrils shoulder skull stomach tears throat tooth veins wrists

Building, part of: casement chamber chimney closet door fire gallery garret kitchen pane glass grate hall hearth loft mantle parlour room stairs vaulted wall window

Building/part of town: church courthouse ferry gungarden houses mill prison strand street tenement

Clothes: apparel apparelled attire bravery breeches bracelets cap cloth clothed clothes coat doublet fan gold hairlace hat hose inkle jewels kerchief linen napkin neckercher petticoat purse rail ruff satin sheet shirt sleeve surplice velvet waistcoat

Emotion: afeared afraid anger angry fear fearful glad grief grieveth grievously hatred joy loving powder sorrow triumph weeping

Ethics: evil grave honourable lewd shrewd vile virtue wicked

Exclamations: alas hark oh tush yangh

Festive calendar: christmas easter hollandtide lent midlent shrovetide twelvetide whitsun whitsuntide

Food: apples beef bread dinner drink drinking eat meat pears porridge powdered sugar turkey water

Garden/farm: bank dig garden gate hedge molehill orchard pales pit field valley clay farm field ground hollow hole inned land ploughed summerhouse

Household objects/materials: basin bed billets bottle board candle cauldron chain chair coal cradle crock cups hemp key pillows  pot plate  silver spoons table tub

Illness: ache disease ill lame pains pangs planet sick sickness sore toothache torment gripe gripped hurt

Inheritance: heir courtesy

Insult: baggers fool whore whoresbird

Kinsfolk: brother cousin daughter father kinsman mother mother-in-law neighbour parentage sister son

Know/knowledge: ken know knowledge learn

Legal: arraignment condemned court custody deponent depose deposition enlargement evidence examinate examination execution felony imprisoned inquest interrogatory jury testify warrant

Medicine/healing: cure medicine ointment planet [planet = "planet water"]

Mental state: dream fancy illusions mind trouble troubles weary

Military: brimstone gunpowder musters ordnance shot troop

Money: crown debt groat money penny pennyworth pounds purse sixpence treasure

Occupations/work: butcher carding grocer labour labourer lighterman maid maidservant messenger preacher sailmaker sawyer servant spinning tailor vicar work

Official: brethren jurats justices mayor mayoress recorder

Place: Hastings London Rye Sandwich Scotland Sussex Weeks Winchelsea Kent      [Weeks = "Weeks Green"]

Plants: apples appletree bud flower gillyflowers herbs nosegays pears rose sage stub  thyme tree

Religion: belief believed bell christian commandments element evangelist faith god grace handyworks heaven heavenly holy mercy miraculous nature pray prayer preached religion sermon soul trust unbelief

Spirits: angel apparition fairies fairy familiar familiars spirits sprites vision devil sights sight

status/title gentleman gentlewomen goodman goodwife goody honourable husband king landlady lord maid masters prisoner prophet queen sir sirrah widow widower wife witness wives yeoman

weather lightning rain thunder

witchcraft (i.e. harm by human or spirit, which are not always easily distinguished) bewitch curse gripe gripped lame messenger witchcraft