First examination of Anne Taylor / sheet 3

To the 16th, 17th, 18th she cannot depose say nothing.

19 To the 19th she sayeth that in regard that the said Susan had before told this examinate that the spirits did tell the said Susan that her husband was a lewd and wicked liver, and that she and her husband ?had been were then both sick together in their beds, she did give unto ?he the said Roger Swapper, for the space four or five nights together, a penny a night to lie out of his house in some other place. For that this examinate did think that in regard her husband was so lewd a person as she said her spirits had reported, that the said spirits, if any such did appear unto her, would forsake her. And that the said s Susan would then be well should be no more troubled with them.

20 To the 20th she sayeth she never heard nor saw any such things nor ever heard anything except they were Christian people speak in the said house.

21 To the 20th she sayeth that she never saw nor teld her any such things as is mentioned in that interrogatory.

22 To the 22th she sayeth that the said Susan did tell this examinate that a fairy woman great with child did appear unto her, and that she did long for apples and a piece of sugar. And she this examinate doth say that before the said S that she gave unto the said Swapper’s wife three apples and a piece of sugar, but whether she gave the same to her before or after she told this examinate of the fairy woman with child, she well remembreth not, but as she thinketh after. But she sayeth she gave the same unto the said Susan in regard in regard she thought the said Susan herself did long for the same. And afterwards, she did tell this examinate that she, the said Susan, did give those apples and sugar to the fairy woman that was great with child.

[end of sheet 3]

[RYE 13/5]