First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 5

Taylor and teld her of it, and she answered that if she had any, she should have some. And so she went and fetched three apples and delivered them to this examinate, and willed her to give it unto the woman, which accordingly she did. And two of them she did eat, and the third […]

First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 6

she this examinate did see the two men spirits walking upon the bank, coming up the gungarden* at the north-east end, but she did not speak to them. And then she went to Mistress Taylor and teld her of it. And after that Robert Burditt was slain, Mistress Taylor said that it was a token […]

Interrogatory for Roger Swapper

Articles to be ministered unto Roger Swapper upon the examination of his wife 1 Imprimis. What conference have you heard at any time between Mistress Taylor and your wife, for or concerning the the apparition of spirits, familiars or fairies? Declare the truth herein. 2 Item. What flesh, bread, Apples, water or other things whatsoever […]

Interrogatory for George Taylor

Articles to be enquired of Master Taylor etc. 1 Imprimis. What apparitions or sights extraordinary or, as you think, above the course of nature, have you at any time seen in the glass windows of Master Fowkes*, and for what end or intent have you heard they were sent unto you, and by whom did […]

Examination of Roger Swapper / sheet 1

The examination of Roger Swapper of Rye in the county of Sussex, sawyer, taken before Thomas Higgons Mayor of the town of Rye aforesaid and the Jurats of the same town the 15th day of October Anno domini 1607, annoque Regni domini nostri Jacobi Regis nunc Anglie Quinto. Roger Swapper of Rye, sawyer, being examined […]

Examination of Roger Swapper / sheet 2

house, and then Mistress Taylor and that they did mean to bring Mistress Taylor unto her in the said garden. Then Mistress Taylor answered my his wife again, that She did know that there was money hid in her garden, and also did know where the same did lie. And that she had before this […]