First examination of Susan Swapper / sheet 6

she this examinate did see the two men spirits walking upon the bank, coming up the gungarden at the north-east end, but she did not speak to them. And then she went to Mistress Taylor and teld her of it. And after that Robert Burditt was slain, Mistress Taylor said that it was a token of his death.

And lastly she sayeth that the same day that Master Taylor’s son was buried, she this examinate going by the church, saw the spirit Richard go into the church. And the night following, this examinate did hear the said Richard say to the rest, that the preacher (whose name is Master Greenwood), his mind was not of his sermon, but he was troubled otherwise.

And the next day, this examinate went to Mistress Taylor, and told her what she had seen and heard. And then Mistress Taylor did tell this examinate that she did

See him sit in the gallery during the sermon. And she demanded, in what apparel she did see the said Richard in? And this examinate said

In white.

Nay, said Mistress Taylor, he was all in black, with a flat cap upon his head. And she further said that Mistress Taylor did say that she

Thought that the preacher’s mind was troubled, for that she never heard the like sermon before.

[RYE 13/1]