First examination of Anne Taylor / sheet 5

28 To the 28th she can say nothing, neither doth did she this said examinate ever speak any such words or saw any such any such vision as is mentioned in the said interrogatory.

29 To the 29th interrogatory, she sayeth that the first time that she saw the apparitions in the glass windows, was two days before the death of this examinate’s first child, that died as she thinketh a little before midsummer. And the first thing that she did see in that window, was the picture of death and divers and sundry other shapes then and of men and women at divers and sundry times after. And some are yet to be seen, but not so plainly as heretofore they have been seen.

30 to the 30th she sayeth she of her own knowledge doth not know for what cause those apparitions in the window do appear. But she sayeth that the said Susan did tell this examinate’s husband and likewise this examinate, that the cause of those visions that do appear in the gl window is were because that her husband and she were so hard of belief, that they would not believe such things as she the said Susan had teld unto them.

And she further sayeth that this examinate being on a time after the decease of her first child at the house of William Michell, in the a chamber there next the street, she did see in the glass window of Goodman Moore over the way, a shape of a man very like unto Master Hamon deceased, to her judgment. And one other time in Master Fowkes his window, the picture of her own child son a sennight before he died. And she did tell this the said Susan of these sights. And the said Susan did answer this examinate that these sights were sent because of her unbelief.

31 To the 31st she sayeth that the said Susan Swapper did tell this examinate that her spirits did tell her that by reason of this examinate’s unbelief, it would be a long time ‘ere she should enter into the kingdom of God. And she did further tell this examinate that one of her spirits

[end of sheet 5]

[RYE 13/5]