First examination of Anne Taylor / sheet 6

did tell will her that she should look up into the element*, and she accordingly did look up, and did see appear unto her six candles, and tw to her judgment. And after that, there appeared unto her two angels in her chamber, and one of them had in their hand white fan, and the angel did let it fall. And she the said Susan stooping to take it up, the angel gave her a box of the ear, rebuking her that she being a mortal creature, should meddle presume to handle matters appertaining to heavenly creatures. And she further said unto this examinate, that those two angels had each of them a prophet, and that those angels would reveal unto the two prophets and to no other persons, the cause of their coming. And that their coming was to cut off the wicked from the earth. And that you this examinate and her husband should see the angels hereafter.



[RYE 13/5]